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The Most Solid Database Structure For Organizing Your SEO Network

Most other site managers have poorly-constructed database structures.

Domain Entities

Associated to each domain are many columns that include both 1.) Automatically Fetched Data and 2.) User-Entered Data.


Host Entities

All of the various Host Entities that you use can be entered into the system. (+ The "Host Entity" system doubles as the Domain Registrar system)

Direct Entity Relationships

No other software provides this ability to you. You can draw direct associations between "Domain Entities" and "Host Entities" which allow you to always have maximum efficiency and zero redundancy.


One Source Of Truth

Direct relationships between our 2 standalone systems of 1.) Domain Entities and 2.) Host Entities means that you know you are always dealing with "1 Source Of Truth". Any time you go to edit or view any particular piece of data - you know that it will be updated and reflected in all other parts of the software properly.

Bring Your Systems Together For Efficiency

Managing a portfolio of SEO sites can be extremely tedious when you are storing all of your data in multiple different systems. Site Train allows you to bring together both your 1.) Manually-Entered Data(Notes, Tags, Groups, etc.) and 2.) Automatically Fetched Data(Moz DA/PA/RD/BL metrics, NS, IP, etc.) in one place.

Robust Internal Systems That Organize Your Data

No more manually keeping track of your info in 5 different tools and constantly updating spreadsheets and losing track of everything.

WDIH System (Where-Domain-Is-Hosted)

This hierarchical system gives you the confidence of always knowing where your domain is hosted - and it accomodates ALL of the various hosting systems SEOs use. Using a combination of NS detection and matching + other manually assignable host entities, the rules in the system are easy to follow and as long you make the proper inputs at the proper time, you will have great and reliable organization.

Quick-Snap UI Column Templates

We are 100% committed to providing a UI that is exceptional and both our Domains Manager and Hosting Manager pages feature this functionality which definitely makes your life easier.

4 Host Entity Cascading Infinite Parent-Child System

A huge part of the value of our software revolves around this system which is the first of its kind. It allows you to organize all of your different host entities EXACTLY as they "exist in reality" with zero data redundancy- and you always know you are dealing with only "1 source of truth" when updating or viewing any attribute of any entity.

Direct Domain-To-Host Entity Relationship Assignments

Other systems have always gotten this wrong by providing you with "plain text notes fields" where there should be a system independently operating domain and host entities between which relationships can be created. This properly-built system allows you to know where your domain is both 1.) hosted and 2.) registered and all the while you can easily access any of the associated information and various attributes to those systems.

.XLS Exports Of Your Entire Network (Supremely Organized & Color-Coded)

You can always download a .XLS Export of your entire network that will show you all of your Host Entities, Domains, and their relationships to each other.

4 Host Entity Cascading Parent-Child System

This system allows for extreme efficiency when managing your data.

Host Companies

Organize your "Host Companies" like LiquidWeb, Siteground, DigitalOcean, BulkBuy, EBN, Godaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, Hostgator, etc.


Host Accounts

Add your "username" to identify your account. Also - you can fill out multiple custom notes fields to record whatever you want about your account (customizable).

Host Plans

Keep track of very "plan" you have so you know what billing dates to check on when necessary.


Host Panels

List all of your "cpanels" and ANY other type of panel you want, i.e. WHM, Cloud Droplet, VestaCP, Plesk, Custom Web Manager droplet, etc. SEE ALL OF YOUR DOMAINS AUTOMATICALLY and which hosts they are on without having to lift a finger (the nameservers area automatically pinged periodically in the program and then the system detects a match between your domain's pinged nameserver and the nameservers of your panel (AMAZING FEATURE- you will not go back to using any other crappy spreadsheet system for managing PBNs once you see this).

Site Homepages Are Automatically Scraped For Their Outgoing Links

No need for manually keeping track of every single link on your sites anymore.

See Your Links

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Visit Exact Post Directly

Add people so that they can contribute to your blog in terms of managing and publishing post, modifying administrative features etc.

Automatically Calculated Internal Metrics

Easily assign a task to anyone. Once you do, they'll be alerted to the assigned task. Define a due date also to get your job done in due time.


One Place For All Your Domain & Host Data

Keep all of your information in one spot for maximum efficiency. Moz DA, PA, RD, BL, etc. metrics will be right alongside your manually entered notes, tags, groups, etc.

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Our system is a management platform for your SEO sites. We do not provide hosting services nor domain finding services.

Does this service involve hosting our sites for us?

No. We provide you with a complete organizational system to manage your network of domains and all of your various hosting accounts wherever they are.

Can this platform help me scrape for domains or buy new domains?

No, our platform is strictly a management platform for your sites. We do not do any "domain finding".

What makes Site Train better than other softwares?

We are the only SEO network management platform that has a sophisticated database structure that can properly accommodate all of the various Domain, Host, Registrar, etc. info with zero data redundancy. Also we have a really good interface.

Do I need to install a WP Plugin on my sites to manage them?


Are footprints an issue with this system?

No, this system does not leave any footprints. It does not require any specific alterations to your sites.

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